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Facade Engineering

Ah, the art of the eternal engineering aesthetic! At Arthur Best, we routinely resolve environmental and structural science challenges in an exciting way. We always fully factor the building purpose, functionality, context (including culture) and environment too. Our creative approach to building façades elevate impression, productivity and importantly, long-term operational energy costs.

Our technical engineers apply a holistic approach to your requirement, one which factors your budget, vision and importantly, your business and brand values too. From early stage design, to end development results, we generate bold, forward-thinking facades which feature new aluminum systems for any kind of curtain wall. For complex facades to straight-forward solutions, our professional pride comes via procuring premium Façade Development. That’s the Arthur Best commitment!

Comprehensive Façade Engineering Services:

  • Concept Consultancy and Full Development
  • Façade Structure Research & Development
  • Comprehensive Custom Façade Design
  • Materials per Specification
  • Thermal Façades
  • Façade Energy Performance Simulation
  • Façade Acoustic Performance Simulation
  • Façade Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • All Architectural Drawings & 3D Visualization
  • Structural Calculation Reports
  • Glass Design
  • All On and Off-site Testing
  • Aluminium Extrusion Profiles and Dies Development
  • Quantity Surveys, Project Estimation and Procurement
  • Fabrication Drawings, Cut List preparation and CNC Programs
  • Total Project Management (including Construction Supervision)

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