Façade Engineering

A well designed and engineered façade can communicate the architect’s expression with green building materials, cost-effective methodologies and innovative technologies.
ABC can transform a façade into a creative high performance wall which elevates occupant comfort and productivity, optimize energy use and running costs. Key steps in each project are: understanding, innovating, analysing, detailing, verifying and implementing.

  • Consulting and development of the Architect concept
  • Research & development of unique façade structures
  • Façade concept design
  • Material selection and specifications
  • Façade thermal and energy performance simulation
  • Acoustic performance simulation
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) of façade structure
  • Architectural drawings, shop drawings and erection drawings
  • Structural calculation reports
  • Glass design
  • 3D visualization
  • On and Off-site testing
  • Development of aluminium extrusion profiles and dies
  • Quantity survey, project estimation and procurement
  • Fabrication drawings, cut list preparation and CNC programs
  • Project management
  • Construction supervision