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3D Modeling & FEA

Thanks to 3D Modeling Software and FEA (the application of the finite element method), the Arthur Best team is enabled to create intricate structural designs and original compositions, just for you. We feature specific shapes to support your architectural goals, and offer technical expertise thanks to our experienced team.

When our clients need to expedite design and development time, or simply to boost productivity. 3D Modelling and FEA provide crucial model baseline support. For superior visualization aesthetics and functionality and performance check-points for even complex concepts, it’s the best way forward to faster production.

  • Speeds design development and detailing
  • Improves visualization and communication
  • Eliminates design interference issues
  • Checks design functionality and performance (without the need for physical prototypes)
  • Automatically provides manufacturing with 3D solid models that are required when programming CNC machine tools and rapid prototyping equipment.
  • Create 3D solid models of any part and assembly, no matter how large or complex
  • Keep all 3D models, 2D drawings, and other design and manufacturing documents synchronized with associatively that automatically tracks and makes updates
  • Quickly make variations of your designs by controlling key design parameters Generate surfacing for any 3D geometry, even complex organic and stylized shapes.

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